FELLOW GENT / by Mantas Zvinas

Jun 30

Meet Mantas Zvinas


Tell us a little about yourself. What's your name and where are you from?

Hi, hello, I'm 30, single, NYC (by way of LA).

What's a typical day look like for you?

As a fitness professional, I wake up at 6:30 am, drink coffee, break a sweat with a bunch of people in my classes, then head over to the SurfYogaBeer offices where we're always putting together amazing adventures, events and continuously evolving the SYB brand. Then I'll likely sweat some more later in the evening, and of course staying true to my values, I'll often grab a beer with those same people I was working out with earlier. At SYB, we believe that life is about balance, #detox2retox, more than just some numbers on a calories counter - every day is about feeding and finding passion, and for us, it's about a positive community that reminds us to explore and enjoy life (hopefully on an international adventure with us!)

What is SurfYogaBear?

I grew up in LA surfing, hiking, practicing yoga (my mom is a yoga teacher) and spending lots of time outdoors and in the city, but when I moved to the concrete jungle of NYC a lot of that somewhat stopped. I said, HELL NO, so thus the first SURFing, YOGA practicing and BEER drinking adventure was born back in 2014. We cater to the environment, so while we don't always practice yoga, or go surfing, or even drink beer, we do always practice the art of balance. We offer and have been to places like Oahu, Amalfi Coast, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Montuak, Mexico, Cuba and many more. On top of these adventures, we offer a surf club in NYC during the summer (we take everyone to the Rockaways, do a bootcamp, learn to surf, and have tacos and beers after), we have weekly run club, fitness classes, and host a number of different events to bring people sweating, laughing and sometimes drinking and dancing together!

What's gets you out of bed every morning?

I'm lucky to have amazing people come sweat with me at SoulCycle everyday. Knowing that I am so many peoples' 'favorite part of their day' or they feel such inspiration from the community we've all built always motivates me to keep pushing positivity every damn day. And the same thing makes other come to class - knowing you'll see a friend and spend time in an environment of awesome likeminded affectionate people. #blessed

What's next?

A ton, to be honest. I'm fortunate already as it stands, teaching at SoulCycle and adventuring around the world with SurfYogaBeer, but between you, me and your readers, I have a secret project that features some very upscale retreats that aim to transform the body through habits, while obviously not giving up any 'fun', so stay tuned!