#AYNTK: Mantas is an NYC-dwelling dude that successfully practices life. Period. An artist, athlete, slash free-spirit, who in the truest form, pursues his dreams. This NYC entrepreneur and fitness aficionado shows us that life is a balancing act and that it can be done. Mantas’ interview made us feel a certain type of way. (Good, ftr). So take a moment to read-on and let it refresh, inspire, and likely make you smile. This man is one helluva catch.

Set the scene for us…Where are you currently answering these questions from?

My bachelor pad. 

LS: Which is somewhere in the East Village as we learn below…

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A film Director // Cinematographer. My parents were artists and art teachers, so it was a no brainer for me. I was invited to Beijing through a UCLA alumni to help start a film production company and stayed out there for 6 months. It was detrimental to my health and when I came back to Los Angeles I began my fitness career as a way to balance the nonstop hustle of the film industry.

All things yes is a shirtless Mantas SOULcycle-styling on le CitiBike

All things yes is a shirtless Mantas SOULcycle-styling on le CitiBike

And what is it that you do today?

I am a full time SoulCycle instructor in NYC. But I’m also the founder of SurfYogaBeer, a fitness adventure company that takes people around the world on amazing fitness adventures.

LS: Fitness adventures! 😍

Tell us more…

Before SoulCycle I was teaching yoga and spin at another place called YAS in Los Angeles. My co-workers invited me to audition for Soul and the following month I was in NYC. SurfYogaBeer was a lifestyle I inadvertently grew up by, so in NYC I shared my experience with a few friends and it quickly turned into a business.

Ok now we’re really intrigued…finish us off and give us the elevator pitch.

SYB is about the best things in life in balance. We organize 6-day retreats in the Amalfi Coast, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Colorado all in equal parts adventure, spirituality, and fun. We sweat together, we experience breathtaking locations together, and we bond together – and come back to NYC with a whole new group of close friends.

LS: Need we say, “sign us up”?

Where do you all go for your surf in the world?

SYB doesn’t always have surf on our worldwide adventures, for instance when we go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, we hike epic trails, cliff jump in blue grottos, experience history in pompeii – but when we do focus on surfing we head to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Hawaii as our main destinations. AND surprisingly enough we do 1-day surf adventure here in NYC in the summer to the Rockaways. Check out our blog about that.

LS: If you’re reading this, get to his blog now! (Link here)

Where do you yoga in NYC?

I take yoga from a variety of teachers, my favorite studios are Modo and Y7.

Mantas here…shirtless and inverted. #YOGA

Mantas here…shirtless and inverted. #YOGA

Where do you beer in NYC?

That’s a silly question, more like where do I not beer in the city. East village is my home, I don’t stray too far.

LS: That’s a good answer. 

Where do you go for fitness advice?

I keep an open mind about trends and advice, listen to professional fitness friends, doctor friends, read books (one of my fav’s is The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds), I follow health news and my mom who’s a yoga teacher always sends me articles.

Hello, is this thing on? Yes, it’s on. Helllooo Mantas

Hello, is this thing on? Yes, it’s on. Helllooo Mantas

How about a snack that keeps the hot bod hot?

I love cereal any time of day.

LS: We believe there may be more to that answer, but we like knowing that cereal is not a detrimental choice to this man’s abs.

Speaking of abs…what’s your go-to move at the gym when you just don’t what the f*ck else to do?

SIT UPS!!! – Can’t.Get.Enough

LS: Noted! Noted…

What the’s least favorite part of your day, which we assume are quite busy?

I HATE WAKING UP EARLY – which is pretty much everyday.

Where do we find you on a Friday night?

I work heavily on the weekends but Thursday nights you can find me at El Cantinero salsa dancing.


Single, dating, other?  What’s your status?

Single, any ladies who own a yacht interested?

Since we’d categorize you as an international man of mystery, what’s you fave nationality of the opposite sex?


LS: Totally great answer even though it’s sort of a non-answer. 

Tell us about your last serious relationship?


What was the take away from that relationship?

I love to Netflix and chill.

What is a deal breaker for your next one?

Smokers need not apply.

SWM looking for non-smoking woman with yacht who is down to Netflix and chill

SWM looking for non-smoking woman with yacht who is down to Netflix and chill

What are you currently le sweating? AKA What do you think is “cool” right now (rn) at the moment (atm)?

I’m Le Sweating nonstop on this guy outside my apt playing acoustic guitar every Sunday night. It makes you feel like you’re on a some island bar.

LS: Very cool. Very NYC. Acoustic guitar…very East Village (we’re not complaining).

We’re always on the prowl…do you have any friends you’d recommend for us?

Check out my friend Kingsley Delacato who is a girl boss and Marcos Diaz who is a celebrity hair stylist and Bradford Rahmlow who is a kickass Barry’s Bootcamp instructor.

LS: We just deep creeped them all and recommend those reading do too.

Jus curious. Did this interview make you uncomfortable?

It was Ne Sweat.

Leave us with some parting words, a say-anything (if you will). Say anything and we’ll post it (maybe). Actually, you speak another language, maybe you should do it in your native tongue.

į sveikatą

LSMantas didn’t translate that for us so we Googled it, and it means: “boobies for life” in Lithuanian. #AYNTK. 

Mantas. Flying. SurfYogaBeer. Bachelor. DONE.

Mantas. Flying. SurfYogaBeer. Bachelor. DONE.