NEW YORK TIMES - Get a Workout and a Vacation at the Same Time by Mantas Zvinas


For fitness enthusiasts who also love traveling to far-flung locales, a new breed of travel company wants to take you anywhere you want to go — and give you a great workout when you arrive.

By Amy Tara Koch | Feb. 5, 2019

First came workout boot camps. Then off-the-grid yoga retreats. Next, hotel chains touting celebrity-orchestrated fitness programs. Now, there is another way to travel without leaving your workout behind. Fitness pop-ups in vacation destinations like Capri, Sri Lanka, Goa and Vietnam all offer relaxing getaways combined with exercise options, sightseeing and meals prepared by a professional chef. Often, these groups stay in private, rented villas. These four companies have created custom itineraries with workouts and wellness in mind.


Surf Yoga Beer

As the company’s mantra “no goals, all vibes” indicates, four-year-old Surf Yoga Beer represents a version of this trend that’s focused a little more on fun than fitness. Billed as “sleepaway camp for adults” (participants share rooms, often with bunk beds, in a large house or small hotels), the company’s fitness adventures to Ibiza, Havana, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Miami are about bonding over intense exercise and partying (unlimited beer is included in the price of the trip).

Mantas Zvinas, the company’s founder, a happy-go-lucky surf coach and Soul Cycle instructor, leads the itineraries personally along with a number of marquee trainers including Jaws Nelson and Julian Devine of NYC’s Rumble Boxing, and Hunter McIntyre, the professional obstacle course racer. The trips are packed with beach boot-camp workouts, surf sessions, yoga, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and, in some locations, sightseeing. The traveling chef-in-residence, Eddie Larios, extends the communal ambience with an open-for-visits kitchen, impromptu cooking classes and visits to local markets.

Rates range from $999 to $3,600 per person, depending on location, room type and length of trip. Airfare and alcohol, outside of beer and the group happy hour, are excluded.




Put the fun back in fitness 
Fitness doesn’t have to involve a trainer yelling at you to do more burpees. SurfYogaBeer strives to make exercise fun, shifting guests’ perspective of exercise from something that is hard work to something that is (nearly) all play. The itinerary includes a range of activities, from beach games to yoga, hiking, surfing, and more. These summer camp-like retreats take place in savvy destination spots such as Spain, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. The company’s founder, Mantas Zvinas, believes that “people don’t stick to things that they don’t enjoy doing.” That’s why his goal is to make SurfYogaBeer workouts challenging and effective, yet also engaging and light-hearted. After a hard day of play, guests sit down to a hearty meal prepared by the vegan-friendly and organic Latin restaurant, SALUD, based in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. At night, alcohol is available during select evening social events to add to the fun. Note: two of the 2019 trips—Iceland and Morocco—cannot accommodate a vegan diet, but the rest of the retreats are fair game.

Becky Brooks is a writer, plant-based athlete and wanderlust based in NYC.

8 Fitness Retreats You Should Try This Summer by Mantas Zvinas

While a lazy beach vacation sounds great, the need to feed that fitness itch is real. While we love an active getaway with some downtime in the mix, mapping out the adventure can sometimes become more work than it's worth.

To help take the hassle out of the trip-planning process, we've rounded up some of the best summer fitness retreats that do all the work for you. Not only do they offer things like yoga, boot camp workouts, spa treatments and some downtime, they also bring together a group of like-minded individuals you may have never met otherwise.

If you decide to check out one or more of the fitness and wellness retreats below, there's a strong possibility you'll come back feeling healthy, fit and refreshed – and with a whole new network of pals.



Surf Yoga Beer Retreats

The YSB retreat in Iceland will have you running some epic trails. Image courtesy of YogaSurfBeer

The name says it all – SYB retreats are about a balance between fitness, mindfulness and well, having fun. While not all the retreats include surfing and yoga, they do all include beer – though you definitely don't have to drink. Most days begin with a bootcamp to get the blood flowing, so expect to sweat and be active. Some trips offer running, hiking and stand-up paddle boarding, depending on location and what's available. The founder, Mantis Zvinas (who is a SoulCycle instructor in New York City) put it best: Everyone who attends is in the pursuit of good vibes.

Prices vary based on destination,

New York Times - A New Kind of Fitness Retreat for New Year’s Fitness Goals by Mantas Zvinas



By Shivani Vora | Nov. 29, 2017

Many people make resolutions to exercise more and follow a healthy diet at the beginning of a new year, but sticking to those goals is easier said than done.

This year, however, several new fitness-focused retreats in photogenic destinations could help give travelers the motivation they need for lasting success. Deprivation isn’t the point of these getaways: instead of calorie-restricted diets and hours of punishing workouts, these options emphasize balance, a sense of place and most importantly, pleasure. In fact, at most, imbibing isn’t off-limits — it is even encouraged.

ToneEscapes, for one, is a new company offering five small group retreats throughout the year in locales like Marbella, Spain; Santorini, Greece; and Saint Lucia. Mantas Zvinas, the company’s founder and a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor in New York City, said that the trips are meant to be the opposite of a boot camp. “I want to teach people a sustainable lifestyle where you workout moderately and absolutely enjoy a glass or two of wine and reasonable portions of sweets,” he said.

Like all ToneEscapes retreats, the one in Marbella, from March 23 to 29, will have morning workouts that incorporate the surrounding environment, like bike rides along the Andalucia Coast and hikes through the Sierra de las Nieves mountains. Afternoons include visits to historic villages and meeting local olive oil and wine producers. Meals will emphasize the abundance of seafood and produce in the area, and local wine will be served at lunch and dinner. Prices start at $3,900 a person, inclusive of accommodations, meals, workouts, excursions, activities, local transportation and one spa treatment. Book online at

Passion Projects | Brooks Brothers by Mantas Zvinas


Mantas Zvinas
Fitness Instructor, Senior SoulCycle Instructor, Founder of SurfYogaBeer and
Fitness Adventures Worldwide

Mantas is wearing our Chambray Patchwork Madras Sport ShirtIndigo French Terry Shorts and LeatherSneakers and our Parrot Crewneck Sweater

Hailing from Southern California, Mantas is a well-traveled surfing and fitness instructor. While teaching at SoulCycle, he runs SurfYogaBeer on the side, a fitness camp that travels to places like Morocco, Iceland, the Amalfi Coast, Ibiza and Nicaragua. He also hosts New York City-based bootcamps, day trips, run clubs and local surf camps.

Q: Where is home to you?

A: “New York City is my home. I love this place—with an infinite amount of amazing people to vibe with, this is the place to make big things happen.”

Q: What advice do you have for other people trying to start a business?

A: “Just go for it. As much as that is cliché, it really resonates because a lot of time [you’re] just being held back by second thoughts or anticipation of failure.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

A: “Even if you fail, you can’t beat that feeling of having tried. Failure is okay, and in fact, it’s celebrated in business. If you go in not being held back by failure, I think that you can really push boundaries with your business.“

The Meditative Boot Camp Adventure for Millennials by Mantas Zvinas

By Margaret Abrams • 02/08/18 12:18pm

Zvinas wants people to meet and get to know each other on retreats and even suggests going alone. Courtesy Surf Yoga Beer

Surf Yoga Beer isn’t exactly your typical wellness retreat, with light yoga by the ocean (or inside your hotel room) and even lighter bites. Instead, it’s all about high-energy boot camp workouts. In fact, founder Mantas Zvinas avoids calling them “retreats” at all. Instead, they’re to be referred to only as “adventures.”

“We look to not walk away from our lives in a retreating fashion, but rather walking into them and finding exactly what we need to revitalize our lives with new habits, unthought of accomplishments and making new like-minded friends,” Zvinas explained. “We like to say that the destinations are a small portion of the trip because what really makes it are the people.”

After the SoulCycle instructor moved to New York from Los Angeles, he missed the outdoors and wanted to expose his friends and clients to new opportunities. When Zvinas isn’t exploring Belize, he’s teaching his sweaty, coed boot camp at Bandier’s Studio B or SoulCycle Annex. Expect plenty of burpees, with a few minutes of meditation thrown in at the end, for good measure. For some, the meditation is the most difficult part, especially after an intense workout. But for others (myself included) the real difficulty is the weightlifting.

At first, the locations were determined by their proximity to New York and the waves, but they expanded to include new locales with different activities. “The adventures went beyond surfing and the spirituality went beyond yoga…and you can say the drinks went beyond beer also,” Zvinas shared.

If you want to take your burpees on the road, you can join Zvinas with a group of 12 to 20 fellow fitness enthusiasts. Last year, SYB ventured to Nosara, Costa Rica for surfing and obstacle courses; the trips planned to Belize featured all you can eat lobsters. The Amalfi Coast is one of Zvinas favorite destinations, for mozzarella and carb burning.

Next up, they’re making their way to Iceland, Cuba, Ibiza and Morocco, where they’re sandboarding, going on camel rides and doing nighttime yoga.

If you don’t have a fitness fanatic friend to accompany you, plenty of people adventure alone, just like a Bachelor in Paradise episode. “Coming with a buddy is great, but we do always try to encourage people to come alone. While it can be scarier to take a journey solo, because you don’t have an easy backup, you’re guaranteed to meet some like-minded people and sometimes we should all try to let go of our crutches to really leap bounds. We’ve seen so many incredible, lasting new friendships grow out of the experience,” he promised.




 Dec 20, 2017 @ 4:00 pm  By Molly Mulshine

Let me get one thing out of the way: everyone should eat or drink however much they want, during the holidays and all the damn time. I’m not here to tell you you need to change.

But when your social calendar is full of seven parties a week and you plan to rage at every one, the hangovers can start to accumulate and before you know it, you haven’t exercised in a week and all the hard work you put into your fitness this year is being sabotaged.

So we talked to Mantas Zvinas, a totally shredded trainer who founded SurfYogaBeer — a company that plans trips which, as you can tell by the name, incorporate equal amounts of working out and boozing. Below are his tips for why boozing over the holidays doesn’t have to destroy your fitness goals.

1. “Balance is a lifestyle, not a cheat day.”

One new trend in dieting includes eating and drinking barely anything six days a week, while you gorge yourself on the seventh as a “cheat day.” According to Mantas, this is a recipe for disaster — especially during the holiday season. Only observing one cheat day a week is a joke when you’ve got parties to go to every night.

“I believe that while sticking to fitness and nutrition goals is a large part of living a healthy lifestyle, balance is key in maintaining those habits,” Mantas said. “The ‘beer’ in SurfYogaBeer represents unwinding and having fun, which is a core part of my mantra.”

If you’re only eating and drinking what you want one day a week, then you’re not unwinding and having fun — you’re bingeing. Make smart choices every day and you can squeeze a couple drinks in way more than once a week.

Even if you had a rough night, try to eat healthy instead of indulging in drunk-eating or hangover food. It’ll suck for an hour or two but you’ll end up stopping the cycle of bad food choices before it starts.

2. “Don’t count calories, it’s never-ending.”

If you adhere to a numbers-based diet during the holidays, you’re going to go insane quick. Instead of beating yourself up over the calorie counts of your favorite drinks, focus on the health benefits. This means stuffing your face with veggies and lean protein during the day and at parties if you can — and yes, treating alcohol as if it’s healthy in moderation. Because it is!

“Alcohol is often associated with bad health and rapid weight gain,” Mantas says, “but while there are some negative effects, research shows that it’s not all bad and there are some health benefits to drinking alcohol.”

In fact, consuming one to two drinks a few times a week has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of hypertension, support cardiovascular health. It can even slightly improve your immune system.

Keep in mind that these “one to two drinks” shouldn’t be egg nog or other sugary, high-fat beverages. Instead, stick to clear spirits like vodka and add zero-calorie mixers like club soda. Wine and ciders with low sugar are also safe bets.

Commit to switching to water after you’re done your two boozy “health” drinks, and you’ll feel good enough to work out in the morning.

READ ALSO: Coffee might actually undo liver damage from booze

3. “It’s all social.”

Okay, so you’re socializing every night — why not socialize during the day by booking workout classes with your friends? As a bonus, if you can get someone to work out with you the morning after a soirée, they’ll want to drink less, too. That means they’re less likely to pressure you into ripping Fireball-and-Bailey’s shots.

“Much like drinking, working out should be social as well,” Mantas says. “Don’t let restrictions make you crazy. Nothing in life is extremely cut and dry and socially drinking shouldn’t be either. I’ve found that the people I work out with have become the best drinking buddies and there’s nothing better than sweating out the tequila together.”

If you follow these tips, then once your week (or month…) of smart boozing is over, it’ll be way easier to undo the damage come January.

About The Author: Molly Mulshine

Molly Mulshine is Galore’s senior editor. She got her start covering local politics before working at Business Insider and the New York Observer. Follow her on Twitter: @mollymulshine


Surf Yoga Beer Is The Wellness Retreat That’ll Make You Work Hard & Play Harder by Mantas Zvinas

What more could you want?

By Suzee Skwiot - November 17, 2017


When it comes time for vacay, there’s not much more we want from a trip than sweat-inducing workouts, a gorgeous setting and some well-deserved relaxation. And thankfully, Surf Yoga Beer has all three, with plenty of entertainment to spare.

The company, started by SoulCycle trainer Mantas Zvinas, is all about the merger of health and wellness and bringing adventurous fitness to its participants.


So if you’re ready to jet set to Mexico, Nicaragua, Ibiza, the Amalfi Coast (and more!), or are looking for a staycation-style adventure in Manhattan, meditation and fun activities await.

With a roster of impressive instructors (check out their SYB “leaders”), you can take a kettlebell class, a yoga session, or a high-intensity workout that’ll get you seriously sweating.

“We started in 2014 by creating a workout routine that balances intense exercise, finding zen, and indulging in the fun side of life,” the company announces on its website. “You’ll have the opportunity to achieve things you didn’t know you could do, you’ll be able to make new friends, and you get to do it all in an environment that feels like a sleepaway camp for adults with instructors and trainers who are experts in figuring out how to make you into the best version of yourself.

With a group of 12 to 20 participants on each retreat, you can not only get an intimate workout with some hands-on assisting, but a travel experience that you’ll remember forever.


With trips to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Miami, Colorado, Belize, and more, you can head to parts of the world you’ve yet to explore and get away from anywhere for a few days to a full week.

“We chose Surf Yoga Beer because they’re three things we love, but there’s a whole lot more to us than that,” the company says. “For example, we also love tacos and running, salsa dancing and sailing, hiking and hugging, and the list goes on. Sometimes we travel together, to places like Hawai’i and Costa Rica, or just down to Rockaway Beach. At the end of the day, we’re a group of friends (often new friends, always great friends) who believe that being active together is the best way to feel more alive.”

And with curated activities and events, it’s a basic guarantee that you’ll never be bored, or underwhelmed.


For those looking for a Manhattan-based adventure, Mantas is also a regular teacher at BootYcamps at Bandier and at SoulAnnex in Union Square in New York City.

But if you have some PTO to burn, a tropical getaway (or a winter ski trip, if you’re looking for a more cold-weather vacation), might just be in order.

Check out more info, along with the company’s upcoming retreats, by heading to their website.



Suzee Skwiot

Bio: Originally from Chicago, and now residing in New York City, Suzee is a writer, workout enthusiast, and a firm believer that a bold lipstick makes an outfit. When she's not writing about health and wellness, you can probably find her sampling any and all fitness classes, attempting to run every trail in Central Park, and indulging in a science-approved glass of red wine!

FELLOW GENT by Mantas Zvinas

Jun 30

Meet Mantas Zvinas


Tell us a little about yourself. What's your name and where are you from?

Hi, hello, I'm 30, single, NYC (by way of LA).

What's a typical day look like for you?

As a fitness professional, I wake up at 6:30 am, drink coffee, break a sweat with a bunch of people in my classes, then head over to the SurfYogaBeer offices where we're always putting together amazing adventures, events and continuously evolving the SYB brand. Then I'll likely sweat some more later in the evening, and of course staying true to my values, I'll often grab a beer with those same people I was working out with earlier. At SYB, we believe that life is about balance, #detox2retox, more than just some numbers on a calories counter - every day is about feeding and finding passion, and for us, it's about a positive community that reminds us to explore and enjoy life (hopefully on an international adventure with us!)

What is SurfYogaBear?

I grew up in LA surfing, hiking, practicing yoga (my mom is a yoga teacher) and spending lots of time outdoors and in the city, but when I moved to the concrete jungle of NYC a lot of that somewhat stopped. I said, HELL NO, so thus the first SURFing, YOGA practicing and BEER drinking adventure was born back in 2014. We cater to the environment, so while we don't always practice yoga, or go surfing, or even drink beer, we do always practice the art of balance. We offer and have been to places like Oahu, Amalfi Coast, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Montuak, Mexico, Cuba and many more. On top of these adventures, we offer a surf club in NYC during the summer (we take everyone to the Rockaways, do a bootcamp, learn to surf, and have tacos and beers after), we have weekly run club, fitness classes, and host a number of different events to bring people sweating, laughing and sometimes drinking and dancing together!

What's gets you out of bed every morning?

I'm lucky to have amazing people come sweat with me at SoulCycle everyday. Knowing that I am so many peoples' 'favorite part of their day' or they feel such inspiration from the community we've all built always motivates me to keep pushing positivity every damn day. And the same thing makes other come to class - knowing you'll see a friend and spend time in an environment of awesome likeminded affectionate people. #blessed

What's next?

A ton, to be honest. I'm fortunate already as it stands, teaching at SoulCycle and adventuring around the world with SurfYogaBeer, but between you, me and your readers, I have a secret project that features some very upscale retreats that aim to transform the body through habits, while obviously not giving up any 'fun', so stay tuned!


The Mind-Body Connection Between Surfing and SOUL by Mantas Zvinas

June 29, 2017

Breaking out the surfboard this summer? Find out how your time on the bike may help you on the water.

From pushing through climbs on the bike to catching waves on a surfboard, the mind-body connection between surfing and SoulCycle extends past the calorie burn.

"In certain moments, both make you feel like you're about to die, but then both have that tendency to remind you why you do it in the first place," SoulCycle Senior Instructor and Surf Yoga Beer founder MANTAS tells SOUL Life.

And it's not just the mental aspect. Dr. Clifford Stark, DO, the Medical Director for Sports Medicine at Chelsea in New York City sees similarities in muscle growth for the two activities.

"SoulCycle is going to be great for your leg strength… it’s so many repetitions," he says. "Surfing gives you the [same kind of] strength and repetition."

Breathing techniques also come into play on the board and on the bike. "When it comes to lung capacity, there’s two parts of it: there’s aerobic and there’s what you do in short bursts of activity," Dr. Stark explains.

Mantas has experienced similar exertion. "Surfing and SOUL both make you feel like your heart will explode with bursts of high-intensity pushes — either when you're trying to get out in the line up or just through something on your mind in class."

But above all? According to Mantas, "Both share similar results with a calming yet energizing zen feeling afterward!"

Ready to ride? Grab a series HERE.


Mantas Zvinas is Living Proof You Can Drink Beer AND Have Chiseled Abs by Mantas Zvinas

If you know who Mantas Zvinas is, you’ve likely seen his muscled mid-section. On a bike at SoulCycle, leading runners through the streets of Manhattan, or on Instagramcatching the sun as he leaps off a boat on the Amalfi Coast.

Zvinas is a crazy-loved instructor at Soul and is the co-founder of SurfYogaBeer, a fitness adventure retreat company that makes every other trip you’ve taken look lame.

He’s (of course) originally from Southern California, and his surfer persona basically demands shirtlessness. It’s just…should you be heartened that the guy can drink beer regularly and still show off abs of steel? Or is it super annoying that for every six pack you even glance at, you end up even further away from an actual six pack?

Zvinas would tell you to forget about the abs altogether; his energy is totally heart-centric. His classes and retreats emphasize embracing adventure, and he eats and exercises in ways that are just about feeling good and living fully. (Amen!) It’s why his fans follow him from dark spin studios to far-flung tropical destinations.

We got the insider scoop on his healthy habits, from back-to-back spin sessions to, yes, beer.

How Does Mantas Zvinas Live a Nutritious Life?

If you had to name your healthy diet, what would you call it? Balanced and Aware.

What’s your go-to breakfast? Coffee.

Your go-to workday lunch? Eggs, avo, and more eggs.

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Your go-to workday dinner? BBQ. I used to live above Mighty Quinns BBQ.

What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Does beer count?

What do you eat before and after a workout? In the middle of my day, I go for acai bowls for the quick pick-me-up! Before a workout, I have granola or avocado. After a workout, it is usually more substantial like tacos.

Your favorite food indulgence? Again, does beer count?

Other than water, what do you sip regularly? Ugh, hello, BEER!!

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? I work out seven days a week about three or four times a day. Most of that is from teaching at SoulCycle, because I ride while I teach, and other times it’s teaching BootyCamp, Yoga, and leading RunClub with SurfYogaBeer…and of course I take as many as I can of the plethora of classes on the NYC fitness scene!

Which workout would you NEVER do? Pilates, ugh…

How do you stay active outside the gym? I lead fitness adventures around the world with SurfYogaBeer. Those involve beach bootcamps, surfing, hiking, and outdoor yoga sessions.

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What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Working out is a huge stress manager, and since I do it so much already, I don’t have that much stress.

How do you pamper yourself when you need it? My home is my sanctuary, and I love taking naps.

How do you express and spread love?It’s so easy—just smile at people!

What’s your weirdest healthy habit? Going into morning workouts without fully being awake. DON’T THINK, JUST DO!

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Hiking… that’s hard to get in NYC.

Mantas Zvinas: Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Meditation
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Shower. A bath in NYC? That’s dirty…
Almond butter or peanut butter? Almond Butter.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class?Run outside.

(Photos: Instagram/@MantasZvinas)

It's Not Too Late: This Is What 5 Health Pros Do to Get Fit in Time for Summer by Mantas Zvinas

We've got good news and bad news: Summer is only one month away. Sure, June 20 marks the start of warm-weather festivities like Summer Fridays and beach vacations, but it can also signal a shift in our routine. As the social calendar starts to fill up, it's easy to fall into the habit of drinking more wine and indulging in one too many canapés.

If you intend on embracing the season, rooftop bars and all, now's the time to kick-start some healthy habits to see you through it all. Fortunately, that doesn't have to mean drastically changing your workout regimen or diet—experts suggest making small, realistic tweaks that you can maintain throughout the warmer months.

Yes, there's still time: This is what five trainers and nutrition experts are doing now to improve their health before summer.

Sign Up for a Class You're Not Ready For

Quit procrastinating, says Mantas Zvinas, senior instructor at SoulCycle and founder of Surf Yoga Beer wellness retreat. "Don't think—just do! This is pretty much my life motto. The anticipation of success or failure is one of the biggest drawbacks of execution," he tells MyDomaine. If you've been putting off a tough fitness class, now's the time to make a commitment. "If you put a little pressure on yourself, and it's something you love, then you'll produce diamonds."

The best personal trainers to nail every fitness goal by Mantas Zvinas

When it comes to finding the perfect trainer, one size doesn’t fit all. We reached out to some of the city’s most popular instructors to find out what you should look for in a fitness coach for every situation.

Mantas Zvinas

Mantas Zvinas

To beat the blues

Look for trainers who are empathetic advises Mantas Zvinas, a SoulCycle trainer in Nomad and founder of fitness travel group SurfYogaBeer. Such trainers can help you set physical and personal goals to stay motivated inside and out. Countless studies also suggest that working out for 30 minutes a day can help stave off the blues.

Furthermore, Zvinas says to find trainers “who have been recommended by a friend.”

Adventure Travel: Catch the Next Wave with SurfYogaBeer by Mantas Zvinas

Adventure travel doesn’t have to be extreme for you to have an extremely good time. If you’re looking for an active and fully immersive vacation, let SurfYogaBeer guide your next epic trip. With group fitness disguised as play, local farm-to-table sustenance, surfing, sight seeing, sunset yoga, and of course beer, this adventure encourages team spirit. We caught up with Founder, Mantas Zvinas and Adventure/Event director, Kingsley Delacato in between visits to some of the most special places on the planet.

Hailing from the west coast, Mantas is a seasoned open water lifeguard with a yoga background and currently a SoulCycle instructor in New York City. “SurfYogaBeer was started because I wanted to share my love for surfing, traveling, and the incredible feelings you get after working out, especially when combined with amazing people and locations!” Destinations like Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Belize, the Amalfi Coast, and Nicaragua set the stage for just the right mix of fitness, relaxation, and fun.

But, the vibe of this tribe is what really sets SurfYogaBeer adventure travel experiences apart. Like those eternal friendships you made at summer camp, you’ll want to stay in touch with your group long after you’re back home. Kingsley shares, “The bonding doesn’t stop once a trip is over. Everyone stays in touch through group chats and we really enjoy growing the community through the SYB local events throughout the year. Especially during the summer, we have our run and surf clubs, fitness classes at Bandier’s StudioB, and the random karaoke jams that just seem to naturally pop-up!”

Single adventure travel seekers are more than welcome. “Guys and girls approach us all the time saying they’re trying to find a friend to join a certain trip. We really encourage people to just come on an adventure solo because that’s honestly when the best connections have been made. It’s incredible to see it happen time and time again.”

Mantas adds “I started SurfYogaBeer when I first moved to NYC because I didn’t want to lose the active lifestyle I had growing up in Southern California. SurfYogaBeer was never about a crowd, but a community of friends to workout, get deep and have fun with. These relationships last much longer than anyone could expect. SYB is an environment of love and a place for unexpected friendships. It’s crazy how many times people tell us how the experience has seriously changed their lives.”

“There’s this beach just steps from our SYB house in Nicaragua, and when surfing I get people to paddle out to the break with me. There’s always this magical moment that happens when you’re sitting on a board with a few close friends and can only hear the sounds of the ocean and waves surrounding you. It’s the times like those that last a lifetime, exactly what I always envisioned sharing with others.


Written by Jennifer Ryan Jones — Posted on 4.24.17




This edition of our NYC FIT Series features Mantas Zvinas. Originally hailing from the sunny beaches of Southern California, Mantas is a 10-year open water lifeguard veteran & has travelled the world as a surf instructor. Mantas is most passionate about creating habits in people that lead to longer, healthier, and more positive lives. Mantas is the founder of Surf Yoga Beer a fitness adventure company that hosts fitness classes and events in New York City and San Diego, but mainly takes groups of amazing like minded people to magical places around the world. With an extensive yoga background, he has taken his fitness teachings to SoulCycle where his classes create a balance of ‘party of the year’, ‘personal coaching`’  and ‘what day is it and where am I?’ Book the ride & see for yourself! Ultimately Mantas will get you to break a sweat and have fun doing it.

PS: Thank you Mantas for hanging out with us!  You live such an active lifestyle.  What’s your fitness philosophy?

MZ:  My philosophy is to treat exercise like recess, where having fun is the first thing on the agenda. I believe that by putting fun first, you lose yourself in the process and end up creating a habit where the results come effortlessly.

PS: Tell us a bit about Surf Yoga Beer.  What are some upcoming trips that you’re stoked about? 

MZ: It is all about combining the best things in life; mother nature, endorphins and new friends. We lead fitness adventures to places like Nicaragua, Italy, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Honduras, to name a few. We have a ski trip coming up in Colorado that we are looking forward too. We also lead local events in the area, like surfing at Rockaway beach, as well as a Rosè Run Club in the summer and weekly BootYcamp classes in NYC, followed by a no shower happy hour. All of our adventures and events are designed to create and foster some of the closest relationships you’ll find!

PS: We know you are a big fan of Paragon. What are your favorite sections to shop?

MZ: I love Paragon, you can find me at the swimsuit section trying to find my next short-shorts to wear on our tropical destinations. I try not to wear shirts on SYB adventures!

PS: Can you let us in on some of your day to day must haves for your busy city life and wild adventures?

MZ: I break a sweat multiple times a day and so having clean clothes is numero uno. You better believe I'm always hungry, so I've got snacks on snacks on me at all times. And lastly, I always have my computer, which makes all the magic happen.

PS: Do you have any packing and traveling tips you can share with us?

MZ: My favorite philosophy on traveling is to pack lightly. But that means you'd better have the best quality of the product to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

PS: We had a great time with you and your fearless style! One last thing before we let you go... I think we need to address the elephant in the room…. Your Abs! What’s the deal? How can we get those?!

MZ: Abs are made with consistency, in other words, 'don't stop, get it get it'


WHAT IS YOUR STAGE? by Mantas Zvinas

February 21, 2017

You have a story to tell. It's unique and authentic. It's yours.

With my friend (and Soul Cycle Instructor extraordinaire!), Mantas Zvinas.

With my friend (and Soul Cycle Instructor extraordinaire!), Mantas Zvinas.

Don't post to teach or preach, post what YOU need to hear/read, because I guarantee you that someone else is feeling the same way and needs to read it right now. 

“Don’t post to teach or preach, post what YOU need to hear/read, because I guarantee you that someone else is feeling the same way and needs to read it right now. ”

Social media is a polished highlight reel. Don't get me wrong, I love an artistic latte flat lay, outfit of the day, or an enviable vacay inspo as much as the next person! But how refreshing is it to read some realness along the way?

The question 'what is your stage?' came to me on Dec 1st last year. I was in New York City, on my birthday, spending the morning riding in a Soul Cycle class, under the instruction of my friend (and fav SC teacher) Mantas Zvinas. As it was my bday, Mantas tapped my hand and motioned to his bike, under the spotlights on the podium at the front of the room. I jumped up and quickly clipped into the bike facing the class of 60 riders, listening to Mantas' instruction, (but having to reverse the left and right motions so I was mirroring the class). I was nervous as shit, but after nearly 350 classes, was filled with adrenalin to be on the podium (no Mum, not that kind of podium).

Mantas introduced me to the class, between tap backs and sprint instructions, and said some really nice things about me, (none of which I can remember now, as I was so focused on reversing my left and right) but the thing with Soul Cycle, is that whilst each teacher has a different approach, all offer up inspiring words and thoughts for the soul.

When I found Mantas' class, I came for the ass-whipping workout, but stayed for his message. It changes frequently, depending on what he's reading or has experienced personally. Sometimes it’s something he is reflecting on, or simply something inspiring that he felt compelled to share.

As the lights dimmed on the final hill push of the class, and I sat on the podium bike, I closed my eyes and wondered; if I were a Soul Cycle teacher, and this podium was my daily stage, what message would I bring to the class? What would I speak about for the 45 minutes for which people pay the cost of a vital organ, to be on a bike to sweat their butt off and to top up their soul? 

Afterwards I sent Mantas a pic of our Polaroid with a note thanking him for his kind words, and for allowing me to share his stage. 

The paragraph I opened this article with is one I read in a book by Rebecca Campbell, 'Light Is The New Black'; Don't post to teach or preach, post what YOU need to hear/read, because I guarantee you that someone else is feeling the same way and needs to read it right now. It really made me appreciate the power in sharing your story with transparency and vulnerability. In the early days I would rush through my story, assuming no one really wanted to hear it, or that I was boring them, or they didn't really care for what I had to say. It wasn't until people started approaching me afterwards, asking me to elaborate on something I'd skimmed over, or telling me that it had really inspired them but that I spoke too fast, and could I tell them again. 

Mantas' stage is the Soul Cycle podium, with an actual Madonna mic. (I know. I'm jealous also!) 

Sometimes I have the opportunity to do corporate speaking and share my story, and my stage can be anything from a boardroom to an arena. Sometimes my stage is Instagram.Sometimes it's this very website.

What is your stage? And how are you using your time at the microphone?

The more we can share our vulnerabilities, our experiences, our shortcomings, and the more we can peel back the perfect filters and the overnight success stories, the more we connect. And when people connect, there is a shift; a shift to empowerment, and a shift towards building communities that rally and support each other - and I think that is a really beautiful, and empowering thing. 

Post and talk about what you need to hear. Write vulnerably and speak slowly. Your words will impact people you didn't even know were listening/reading. -SWx

SOUL CYCLE (And obviously if you're ever in NYC, book a ride with Mantas! He is the best and will give one if the best/most hilarious workouts of your life, all the while challenging you to push the boundaries you have built around yourself - Thx for it all MZ. Forever indebted to you – SWx)



#AYNTK: Mantas is an NYC-dwelling dude that successfully practices life. Period. An artist, athlete, slash free-spirit, who in the truest form, pursues his dreams. This NYC entrepreneur and fitness aficionado shows us that life is a balancing act and that it can be done. Mantas’ interview made us feel a certain type of way. (Good, ftr). So take a moment to read-on and let it refresh, inspire, and likely make you smile. This man is one helluva catch.

Set the scene for us…Where are you currently answering these questions from?

My bachelor pad. 

LS: Which is somewhere in the East Village as we learn below…

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A film Director // Cinematographer. My parents were artists and art teachers, so it was a no brainer for me. I was invited to Beijing through a UCLA alumni to help start a film production company and stayed out there for 6 months. It was detrimental to my health and when I came back to Los Angeles I began my fitness career as a way to balance the nonstop hustle of the film industry.

All things yes is a shirtless Mantas SOULcycle-styling on le CitiBike

All things yes is a shirtless Mantas SOULcycle-styling on le CitiBike

And what is it that you do today?

I am a full time SoulCycle instructor in NYC. But I’m also the founder of SurfYogaBeer, a fitness adventure company that takes people around the world on amazing fitness adventures.

LS: Fitness adventures! 😍

Tell us more…

Before SoulCycle I was teaching yoga and spin at another place called YAS in Los Angeles. My co-workers invited me to audition for Soul and the following month I was in NYC. SurfYogaBeer was a lifestyle I inadvertently grew up by, so in NYC I shared my experience with a few friends and it quickly turned into a business.

Ok now we’re really intrigued…finish us off and give us the elevator pitch.

SYB is about the best things in life in balance. We organize 6-day retreats in the Amalfi Coast, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Colorado all in equal parts adventure, spirituality, and fun. We sweat together, we experience breathtaking locations together, and we bond together – and come back to NYC with a whole new group of close friends.

LS: Need we say, “sign us up”?

Where do you all go for your surf in the world?

SYB doesn’t always have surf on our worldwide adventures, for instance when we go to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, we hike epic trails, cliff jump in blue grottos, experience history in pompeii – but when we do focus on surfing we head to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Hawaii as our main destinations. AND surprisingly enough we do 1-day surf adventure here in NYC in the summer to the Rockaways. Check out our blog about that.

LS: If you’re reading this, get to his blog now! (Link here)

Where do you yoga in NYC?

I take yoga from a variety of teachers, my favorite studios are Modo and Y7.

Mantas here…shirtless and inverted. #YOGA

Mantas here…shirtless and inverted. #YOGA

Where do you beer in NYC?

That’s a silly question, more like where do I not beer in the city. East village is my home, I don’t stray too far.

LS: That’s a good answer. 

Where do you go for fitness advice?

I keep an open mind about trends and advice, listen to professional fitness friends, doctor friends, read books (one of my fav’s is The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds), I follow health news and my mom who’s a yoga teacher always sends me articles.

Hello, is this thing on? Yes, it’s on. Helllooo Mantas

Hello, is this thing on? Yes, it’s on. Helllooo Mantas

How about a snack that keeps the hot bod hot?

I love cereal any time of day.

LS: We believe there may be more to that answer, but we like knowing that cereal is not a detrimental choice to this man’s abs.

Speaking of abs…what’s your go-to move at the gym when you just don’t what the f*ck else to do?

SIT UPS!!! – Can’t.Get.Enough

LS: Noted! Noted…

What the’s least favorite part of your day, which we assume are quite busy?

I HATE WAKING UP EARLY – which is pretty much everyday.

Where do we find you on a Friday night?

I work heavily on the weekends but Thursday nights you can find me at El Cantinero salsa dancing.


Single, dating, other?  What’s your status?

Single, any ladies who own a yacht interested?

Since we’d categorize you as an international man of mystery, what’s you fave nationality of the opposite sex?


LS: Totally great answer even though it’s sort of a non-answer. 

Tell us about your last serious relationship?


What was the take away from that relationship?

I love to Netflix and chill.

What is a deal breaker for your next one?

Smokers need not apply.

SWM looking for non-smoking woman with yacht who is down to Netflix and chill

SWM looking for non-smoking woman with yacht who is down to Netflix and chill

What are you currently le sweating? AKA What do you think is “cool” right now (rn) at the moment (atm)?

I’m Le Sweating nonstop on this guy outside my apt playing acoustic guitar every Sunday night. It makes you feel like you’re on a some island bar.

LS: Very cool. Very NYC. Acoustic guitar…very East Village (we’re not complaining).

We’re always on the prowl…do you have any friends you’d recommend for us?

Check out my friend Kingsley Delacato who is a girl boss and Marcos Diaz who is a celebrity hair stylist and Bradford Rahmlow who is a kickass Barry’s Bootcamp instructor.

LS: We just deep creeped them all and recommend those reading do too.

Jus curious. Did this interview make you uncomfortable?

It was Ne Sweat.

Leave us with some parting words, a say-anything (if you will). Say anything and we’ll post it (maybe). Actually, you speak another language, maybe you should do it in your native tongue.

į sveikatą

LSMantas didn’t translate that for us so we Googled it, and it means: “boobies for life” in Lithuanian. #AYNTK. 

Mantas. Flying. SurfYogaBeer. Bachelor. DONE.

Mantas. Flying. SurfYogaBeer. Bachelor. DONE.


Mantas Zvinas: The Guy Behind SurfYogaBeer by Mantas Zvinas

Photo via IG @mantaszvinas

Photo via IG @mantaszvinas

While fitness is key to our well-balanced lifestyle, we will admit it often takes a little extra convincing to get us going… Our roommate and bestie Yuf, AKA Brunch and Crunch knows all the tricks for getting us to shut the laptops for a second – one of which is a workout with a fun twist. This summer she has successfully gotten us into SurfYogaBeer (yes, that is actually the name of the company and yes, we agree it’s awesome). SYB hosts a run club that happens every Monday in the city as well as many other events sponsored by brands like Lululemon and Bandier. You can read more about SYB’s run club here or check out the website here.

But there is something else we love about SYB, and that’s the energetic fitness guru who started the thing…Mantas Zvinas. As a celebrity trainer, Soul Cycle instructor and founder of Surf Yoga Beer, Mantas is a definitely influential in the NYC fitness scene.

While he runs SurfYogaBeer from New York City,  Mantas has not lost touch with his southern Cali ways. His surfer bro attitude is certainly refreshing in the (sometimes harsh) concrete jungle.

So, after running at what Mantas refers to as a “sexy pace” (i.e. socially jogging) followed by sipping a cold brew, we started wondering just how he started SYB. Well, we got some answers!

“SurfYogaBeer started in November 2014 with the idea of doing the three things I loved most for a whole week in Costa Rica. Turned out that everyone who went loved it so much they wanted more, so we began doing more adventures to more places,” said Zvinas.

SYB has already had trips to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Mexico, the Hamptons, and in August they are going to Colorado for a full week of hiking, rafting, biking, water painting, bootcamp, organic food, breweries and yoga!

We told Mantas about our struggle to stay fit with our crazy schedules (hello everyone in NYC), and as a profesh motivator, he gave us some expert advice, “Nobody likes doing squats for fun, you probably like the results you get from it. I believe to stay fit you need to make it fun! Once you find a way to forget you are working out you will keep doing it because it’s fun and not because of results.” said Zvinas. Hence SYB, amirite?

His best tip for the 20-something NYC gal is to “have friends or a community that you hang out with that does fitness things, but do it because you want to see them and not just because you want to see results.”

If you are looking for a group of friends who like to have fun and be fit, SurfYogaBeer is a great place to start! Watching people connect through SYB is actually Mantas’ favorite part of the retreats.

“I see it repeatedly on every adventure – everyone meets at the airport and is a little hesitant to speak, and by the time we are at the airport heading home everybody is laughing, hugging and crying goodbyes. The experiences we have create connections for a lifetime.”

We couldn’t agree more with this philosophy! Check out some of our other fitness posts to find more fun workouts you can do with your crew in NYC.